Wednesday, February 17, 2021

resistance or something

         I been as radical in my thought and speech  as I could.
I barely believe anything

           Off and on, I felt beat, couldn't find the right vibe to even feel like it was possible to "win"
   So there was dope, probably there was no way I was going to miss that.
I needed it.
      I had a fuckin' great time sometimes, I met up with poets and artists and radical left guys, 
ran with the Family Dog and the Dead a little, got French kissed by Peter Orlovsky backstage at a Tribal Stomp at the Greek in Berkeley. That was a big surprise. He snuck up on me and I was tripping and thought he was Jayne Mansfield come for me finally.
The beard he had fucked it all up, the good part. I had to leave the show and took another 250 mikes so the walk home through town would sparkle and laugh with me. 
I remember I took my time......

   If there had been a Black Bloc in the street when I was out there.....
actually, they were there, we had different group monikers but I can't recall any Black Bloc before the big party in Seattle.
Pranksters, Diggers, Hippies, Yippies, NLF, FARC,IRA,FSLN, SLA,MOVE, SDS
And, the Mighty Black Panthers, 
yep, all of them were there and more too
 I hadn't read Bakunin yet. Or Marx. So I did that and I am still percolating it
Marx claimed the process is that capitalism unchecked would bring us into Socialism on the natch. 
To repair and save what we can before it's all gone.
So, we'll just have to see on that one
                    I'm a libertarian anarchist screwball hedonistic socialist or something like that with a fondness for the easy life, floating down the lazy river is the closest to; I think, describing my talents
 I couldn't have resisted the Black Bloc 
Did you notice I just tried out a semi-colon?

I only "partied" with them once
 Black Blockers
                      in the SF Rally against the bush/cheney,rumsfeld crimes getting going for real. They had us down to invade a sovereign foreign country that didn't do a fucking thing to us that counted, nothing at all
They were a fourth world country by then, all the sanctions the west (except France, bless their little commie hearts)had them under never did squash the Saddam Bugs out of their ultra catered palaces. 
Soldiers found"money huts" full of Amerikan dollars all over Baghdad, small houses stuffed with money and walled shut, no windows either.
Where did all that cash go? I hope they busted them open and walked off with a few grand each, leave the rest for Baghdaders who lived under the Husseins
Ibet the CIA got most of it and used it for bribes and ransom and...and...

                                  It was only going to take 6 months or so to straighten out Iraq, the oil would be ours, yee haw said the little cowboy, hardly anyone or thing will get hurt, we can teach them about bar b ques and Hamms Near Beer, really get them civilized and then teach them about jesus
That was four administrations ago and all three of those shitbags are still free, painting and fly fishing in Wyoming......
Laying Low, like Kissinger had to do
And the whole fucking region is still hot and practically no one thinks they should help the poor fucking people who live(d) there and had to run, or maybe even  worse, had to stay.
Reminds me of the Jewish people trying to get away from the Nazis and that's because it is like it

     The Capitol Stormers ain't nothing new, The Weather Underground bombed it in the early seventies, and the Pentagon as well
A real revolutionary outfit of Puerto Rican people who ducked joining any Amerikan radical left, 
blew up shit, stormed congress once too, I think they even opened up on the room from up in the gallery...1954?'s all coming back, appearing before me  now
I don't think anyone died but they hit 5 or 6 people. 
They did not expect to survive the action.
Earlier on, a couple of them attacked the house where Harry Truman lived, they wanted to kill him.
It wasn't the same action, they were earlier, while he still ruled... 
But....the capitol stormers did survive and Jimmy Carter pardoned them.
Nothing new, resistance, 
it comes up whenever people are feeling repressed and lied to long enough
it won't stop unless the repression and bullshit ends
 and good luck with that
evolution runs too slow to save us by growth and enlightenment, the world is going to burn before we get there
then we come back and start over
"life is a game
we're all the same
there is no end"

enough is enough, eye for an eye, don't fuck with me
there's the start for the new national anthem

Hooray for Me and Fuck You goes on all the money both sides

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