Wednesday, May 10, 2023

invasions I have seen

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A childish ploy to attain a level of understanding here, in the middle of this post, there is a sudden shift to Russia....I wrote it, I do not know how it got on here, I really don't. Mysterious shit happens now and then with this blog thing. I left it in and you can see where I did.


   I am listening to, this morning, listening to a genuine musical genius, Anton Newcombe is his name, last I heard he was exiled to Germany where they understand artistic genius better than San Francisco's  Bottom of the Hill, a nightclub I liked to visit, down on 16th street, just at, what?? DeHaro may be it, close to it for you cab riders and Uber takers, if it even exists anymore.He ran a band called "The Brian Jonestown Massacre" and they were great, they still are, I got recordings.

It was good he left town, he was heading for the joint here. He is a radical man and attacks his own band from time to time. At gigs.On stage. Him and the Root Boy would have done good

 The first record he made, I actually don't know if it is the first but I am saying it anyway, I know, I know, with that attitude I could end up anywhere, he actually did make them, he recorded and produced them in his room, in 1996,, "Their Satanic Majestys Second Request"                                                                        1996, he is playing the sitar on here, tablas, and bongo's, he liked that San Franciscan weird music scene, they moved around a lot and who was driving that tour bus all fucked up? Who? Who!!

Well, I like it, he has a hook I can hear in his music, it identifies him and his sound skills in a unique little footprint, a little soul slot, not like anyone else's, and imitated in the states, he's all that good.

He did all his own recording at home mostly, with Protools, I think that's it


this is a bad news day..the red dogs from hell in Congress have gleefully found evidence of familial treachery and a lot of big money flying all over the place with Biden tags on it, they presented their case today and it sucks they may even have one, a fucking case.It does not look good.

Snakepit ... the reality show that lets you know 

where you came from, how low you can go 

and how to act when you get caught.

colored for easy detection, jumping right at you from a field of fire
these little areas of our world are currently involving themselves on various levels of severity that lead right into bloody fighting about something, 
houses blow up, gas in the air 
it's too expensive to put in a car
which is the only way out
hardly anyone has one
either one

P38 fighter planes got delivered in the 50s regularly to friends of ours and  Dwight D. Eisenhower.  Hot little fighter planes but not jets, they begged for them but Allan Dulles said no, he wanted us to possess every advantage of war and intel, better and bigger than them all, he was hubristic,  Cuba was calling, fuck the gangsters, and all the help the Sicilians were in the war. It was supposed to make the Dulles leave them alone and be cool about Cuba, helping out with a gentle maneuver now and then but, then came Russian influence and Fidel Casto, but  Fulgencio was such an asshole, just you wait, it's all coming out, Lucky Luciano and JFK's Daddy Warbucks, making and keeping the world safe from itself

 Fidel took it back and held it, this cost Dulles his job and JFK his life, all over a nice little vacation spot with a merciless prison on the beach. My favorite Russian, a true Big Bad Russian was a dude named Nikita Khrushchev, the original shoe bomber...beat his desk at the UN General Assembly with his shoe once, yelling at Kennedy or some damn one. He was, had been,  a Russian war hero general, a rare one that Stalin didn't kill.

 Then, as Soviet Boss of All, he put Fidel together, Cuba sent thousands of students to medical school, all kinds of schools, and guess what? Those Cuban Latinos were just as smart and capable as everyone else,( except Americans) in Russia and they then went forth and delivered for the people, and traveled around the world, all you had to do was call Fidel and tell him you were ready and get shipped off to social radicalism around the world, usually in friendly countries but so did we. Russian Medical School was great, the two of them together, 

The Guerilla and the Supreme Soviet Commander of the Soviet Forces in WW2 sent thousands of well-trained and very good young doctors, trained to help and in the spirit of "true communism" They went all over the third world and helped people. Nikita? He beat his way through difficult times responsibly, he only hit the table with his shoe once at the UN is the thing, an incredibly subtle election of terror we don't see enough of anymore, MoAmar Khdaffis all Amazon bodyguards make Trump look like a hophead on Meth.

Fidel and his ilk, true socialists, lotta nasty Cuban prisons, and firing squads kept the population quiet, basically, except in Miami. 

What a man. Imagine the nerve, of putting Russian Nuclear missiles 90 miles from Miami Beach. Maybe that was not a smart move, turning around and taking them back to Russia was what finally happened ...but a lot of guys died first and, like always, they wished they hadn't done it when it was too late to get out of it, according to the US State Department, Khruschev was responsible for millions of hours of all kinds of sentient misery on purpose, he and his Duma(Duma means cabinet, I think) were proving Russia was great ... there were renegades who toed no line, just stuck to the truth, they died in droves, it was a war you know, cold and sure but, still a war. You couldn't get out of it, if it was on, all poor people would die and the hiding money bunker dudes have to wait down there for the half-life to wear off,  

Fifty Thousand years and then then you can take the dog out.

It is just a rumor I heard but... D.D. Eisenhower was not fond of the path we took to war in Korea, it wasn't a war, it was a "police action". They had us by the balls so well that they told us the truth and called it patriotic to fuck up the "Yellow Peril" above some fucking parallel or another on the globe in Amerikan History 109. China was our ally in the second world war and now, not even ten years later, we just had to save the world from them after we saved it to share with them.

The worst thing Cuba did? They got socialized medicine in Cuba and it'd be just too close to us in Amerika and might be contagious, American doctors, generally speaking, and through very little fault of their own, they like to be well paid educated professionals, well, they have to get paid, they got overhead, kids, bills, wants and needs, just like us uneducated ones with the wallets a little harder to fill and, even harder, take out and give up...because... now you have to go get more.

In the matter of air support during the beach assault, we tried on Cuba, Allan Dulles had to deal with JFK, not DDE, it didn't work out, the airplanes didn't make it, not the Yankee ones anyway...

 Dwight would have sent them over, the dude ran WW2, he was used to killing millions, and he had to do it to save us, ok...fine... we are saved, or we were for a while.

Kennedy was in then and he did not like waking up to being told he was leading an invasion of Cuba, he would not send air support, and the "rebels" got killed and captured and sent to the Cuban Jail.

John did the killing thing, he fired Dulles, and he let him look bad in the papers as he took responsibility. I wish we had a tape of his call to Fidel...


Castro had the support of the people, just like the NLA did in Viet Nam, The Panthers in Oakland,  but not the CIA field operatives who were having a great fucking patriotic time back then, untouchables for real, dangerous and loose, opium smokers, coke and speed users, lsd torturers, using the sacrament to attempt to harm others, just too much, man, I hate to review it, I think of new shit that had to have happened too... due to the proximity of nasty politicians, unregulated ones, free radicals, M.J. Greene, horrible solutions for horrible situations handled by the only people who can handle it right, the men with no hearts, no conscience...the CIA/KGB/MI6...yep....them. Licensed to kill or whatever...had their own airline in Laos and Cambodia, where Amerika wasn't ever there bombing or anything, those "killing fields" and ol' Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge, "kill anything ever touched by a white man" was their motto, clean the gene therapy, early applications of the best way to clean your society then, now, before and hereafter, kill anything that claims to be civilizing anyone, hurry up..don't let it spread another iota of a centimeter, no more, Yankee, do not wait, go home motherfucker and leave now, we can help you out of the plane if you like, at ten thousand feet, how much would you give me for a parachute, asshole? Oh, shit...we forgot them...

Back in Guatemala, Mr. Arbenz won an election despite all the help he didn't get from the Democratic Countries Gentlemen using his people and country for a play area, back home, there was hope a bloomin'****after the United Fruit Company was told they had to share fairly and stand trial for all the criminal activity amongst the oil and fruit men, almost all men of means,...  

 It took a month to shoot him after the people of his country picked him as the new president, well ..they just didn't know what they were doing so we had to straighten them out,... we saved the United Fruit Company, the saving of which had nothing to do with anything but the civil rights of the big American owners that had Canadians strung out on bananas, a tropical fruit special delivery to the frozen tundra, they had to have them, at five bucks a bunch with the blood wiped off, four if you do it yourself........ 

The do-it-yourselfers got Mr. Arbenz to go on ahead and die, quick, just as he was installing Marxist reforms which was exactly what he said he was going to do, he said "This country is ours. You can come here and work but you gotta have a work visa and then, white man, we will pay you as fairly for working in a tree with giant spiders and bananas all day as you do us."

President Arbenz was our second shot,  the first was re-instating the Shah of  Iran. Iran had run a clean and democratic election and they elected a guy the CIA didn't approve of. You may wonder, "Why was the USA intelligence service involved in mineral rights in Iran? Well, we knew then that we were the only thing that they meant when they asked god for help. it was the USA that ran the god that runs the world and that was deemed to be all for the best. The guy the Iranians picked was a secular man, he worshipped in private, which makes him maybe cool, we never will know, he died young before he could get going..that was all for him and it was on to Guatemala to save the bananas.

He told the United Fruit Company to fuck off,  Mr. President Arbenz did, so they killed him, it's ok...he wasn't an American.

He is rumored to have said to "pay up or get the fuck out of here" as the new policy, The American Presence, the original Stone Temple Pilots, said" No no no, you are missing the whole point, it is America that you want in your pants, not Cuba" see?

There was virtually no drug money yet, the CIA was still cooking that up

I was watching a doc movie that actually has Allan Dulles in it, talking up his baby, the intelligence spread of the USA built on a frame, the same one the Abwehr used to get you., Hitler and Goebbels easily found and bred the same kind of maniacal types as we can, and as we do. We hired a lot of them right after the war, and all was forgiven if you do this for us....if they did, it was. We had Nazis in our government throughout the second world war, more after..a lot more...

The NAZI forgiveness program was run by the Dulles brothers and Brown Brothers Harriman and the Union Oil Co. and Bank for Us. 

Just Us.

                                    Named one album                   

                           "Thank God For Mental Illness"

             you have to think about it and pick out for yourself 

They were big guys and boy could they loot. Art, ancient manuscripts, Kelley's Heroes, in a purely Irish plot, their major contribution to the War in Europe was to get all the loose gold sent to Wichita or Hoboken,  just try to imagine all the loot lying around Germany and France after D-Day, there was some major snagging going on, fruits of the warriors' labors, spoils of war, all that.

 Kelly's Heroes is a Clint Eastwood movie I like, it has a tank with Donald Sutherland in it, and he barked into his microphone, confusing the stoic and staid Nazis. At the same time, through all "the negative waves man, yeah, the waves.." as he was baffling Radio General Carrol O'Connor, Archie of the Archie Bunker family, the Americans,led by Clint and Don Rickles, win handily and make the hustle funny even if there is a body count.                         

 We got a good chunk of Europe ourselves to manage, the birth of NATO, as it progressed, our era here, this one is still it... Russia had over a thousand Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles waiting to go, all based in Ukraine back then, at the end of the USSR. 

We promised them then, "Get rid of the nukes and if the Russians invade you we will help you kick them out and bring you into NATO." 

Three countries were in on that treaty, the USA, USSR, and the UK. They were the big three powers then, according to them. It was pretty clear, "NATO will handle it if Russia invades Ukraine, however, they need to", so they said, the world trusted Ol' Gorby and his Glasnost package 75 years later, some hope was bleeding in we were told...what with George and Bill,'s been coming, if we don't win or otherwise disengage, the new 9-11 lines up, Pearl Harbor, Boston Tea Party, Gulf of Tonkin, the big reason will arise, we will have to do it for as short a time as necessary, it will be up to the Russians how long we have to be there in NATO, mincemeating the region for Halliburton to come and rebuild, put those power lines underground this time, it's just more attractive....get a real estate license for Eastern Europe, Ukrainian power is surging, here comes The  Big Zelinsk,...

They took them out, hopeful real estate and golf hustlers were rubbing their hands together, the riches of the west were being thrown right at them along with Pepsi and Levi's and Ford and Mercedes, guys like Trump were sniffing around, wanting shit they didn't know how to get to in Russia yet, they went and got some western financial guys to guide them during Glasnost, they being people who wanted a share too, when we were trying to do a thing or two for them for us, this guy Gorbachev, (Gore- buh- chov) also seemed to want safety and security in the world for his people, for it all to turn out good..but they picked Vlad, we got stuck with Bush Senior, who utterly smashed the Iraqi Military Ability to even run away from the onslaught, and we are.

Defense workers have to work in Russia too, just like here. The more missiles you have the more guys you need to build, fly and blow shit up with the projectiles now, don't you? All that training and aiming, it's gotta come out and shine for the colonel, right? We do that, we play with billion-dollar fighter jets over the Pacific...I have seen the jets tearing it up, coming from Sacramento at Mach speed, right over the top of Iron Peak, 1500 feet over the top of the mountain, on their way out to play in the air over the Pacific, it made everything shake and rattle, dust would rise off the teepee, the flag would flutter up and down, shit fell off counters and windows shook and fell shut and was terrible and magnificent at the same time...and they were not there very long... you don't even hear them until they are gone over but you sure the fuck hear them when you do

                                                ****We called it Mendo Combat Panic Pot****

                                                               1981      1982   1983     1984                                                                                                                                    Laytonville Ca.

Campaign against marijuana planting.....CAMP.... a federally supported assault on a peaceful people, Huey helicopters from the Feds to chase down and apprehend people that won't be able to fight back very well****


                                   Animals that lived there with us cowered, they just froze up after they shivered at the fucking thunder that made needles jump and fly off the trees, and every time they came over, the animals would look at me and I at them, later the DEA used Huey helicopters chasing us around, tearing up our houses and gardens, stealing by looting around in the homes of the terrified people who would flee at the approach of the fucking invasion forces who tore down our buildings, slashed tires on our vehicles and then, stole our weed. 

                      The Mendocino County Sheriff's Department got rich from C.A.M.P., the feds paid big money for deputy dogs abusing hippies that had the temerity to take care of themselves and do it really well, schools were tight as hell, low violence then, the rip-off industry began with the CAMP and SF Chronicle pig ass lying "reporters" telling the world about our thing, but..of course, someone told them.

Yeah, he's running for president, his army is mostly in jail already but he will buy a new one, he already has one. 

The big ones are still waiting, but it won't be long now

 in a town full of the legal gangsters of the world

on vacation looking for an angle and a way in


I like what I wrote below here, I just found it down there, I have no idea where it came from or when, but I wrote it. It's about Russia and shit.


 They had a maniac running them then too, he is responsible for the killings, killings not just deaths, killings, 40 million Russians, he killed them. Stalin is his hero. What's his count? Putin has been fucking with us for twenty years, he led us on, and we knew he was, we say we want to help the people of Ukraine, and the rest of the world that Putin is after as well, because if he gets to keep spreading out, well....we can't have that, right?

 All the energy resources in Russia, all the food grown in Russia, we will now regain access, and we may get to have nice vacation homes on the Black Sea like the Nazi generals all wanted after they chopped up Stalin. That didn't work out. Putin has a nice place there, and the oligarchs do, too,   I am a member of Occupy now and then but nothing like Vladie Mo Mo's occupiers, the really good thing about the war with them is every one of those heartless twisted killers cannot procreate after they get wiped off of the place.

 KGB/GRU families are folding up their Ukrainian Dachas. Right now, as we do whatever we are doing, they are running, selling property in Crimea cheap, Lavrov and Putin better run, but where? Who wants them? Let the Ukrainians try them for war crimes? 

Just exactly what the fuck did Putin think he was doing/? No way the west was going to let him pull this after all our election bullshit with him and Donald running together, and winning for christ's sake, they won, I still can HARDLY believe it. Hillary Clinton, ex-Secretary of State for the US, US Senator from New York, and a full witness to the Russian assistance Assad was getting from them, the same shit the Russians have been raining down on the Ukrainians she saw them using the shit in Syria, while she was there, we got two of our own people wiped out but that's the life of the soldier,hey?

 Hillary was not going to let it go on anymore, she would have put the final move on them, the Putin People, and she knew she could.

 Her boss said no. 

Bad move, Barack, if you are a killer, be a killer like the guys you are taking on, what stupid ass gave you the idea that you can "negotiate" with the Fascist Lords of whatever they think it is they're running with those great and always effective state safety rules with God and/or Jesus for their white OR Muslim  Catholic, Mormon and Buddhist, it is a big event, Catholics and Mormons off the leashes and frolicking with Buddhists and Lay Persons from international destinations. Whoop Ass, Boys and Girls, now you can pretend you are in Haiti again, to save them up for today's world financial markets..oh...wait...Haiti is run by kidnapping thugs like Somalia, uh-oh...what have we done now? How the fuck do you get thugs to co operate with you? First, hopefully, if you are lame, you give them everything they want, usually all your money, then they kick your ass, then,,,you go get them some more money and then..they kick your ass...we see here just how easy it is to run and exist in this civilization, or maybe that other one, if you can get there.Here we find the root, the utterly unseen beginnings of all the ends and then comes the new beginnings then the end...

*/Dukkha..There is Suffering/*...that is the first statement of fact by Buddhist practitioners, suffering exists in all compound things and especially beings, I have looked and I concur, everything that can be miserable is miserable, everything that wants to stop suffering, at least enough to see about a way to do something about it and the first thing you gotta do and you don't get up until you get/do this, There is an End to have to feel that....the good news is for us like it is for the Christians, it is gotta go find it though, or...never ever meet another human for your whole life, never...then see how fucked up you are later if you care to. The story goes, what they, they say Siddhartha Gautama,  A Nepali Prince, attained enlightenment, nothing in there about nirvana, it says enlightenment, what says it?, it says it and then taught anyone he could get to feed him and then listen to him all about it and now we have what we have. I like it.

A good reason for being, we are working for fake juju and they take on as enemies real people that would be better off without any of it at all, go farm the desert under vows of silence, only talk to the camels and then only at night, you will be the new Mysterians, the Indecipherables, came just after the Petroleum you, the wife and kids too, if they can get them,  the red Chinese children sent their parents up for believing in any kind of religion, turned them in like the Nazi kids did. Dukkha, all the time, except...the ones who rise.....

You cannot satisfy one who can't ever get enough, they don't even know what 'enough' is, see? But....what if they can see? They want what they want, posing in the real world just makes you strange, Donald Trump is never going to know enough about it to ever tell us what he thinks.

                                 The woodpeckers used chemical weapons on the civilian population of Syria and we and the rest of the world watched while they did it and let them get away with it

Woodpeckers are the Russian Military, the closest thing to a relentless flying noisy War Time Proclamation on a UAV, they swoop in, latch on and start pecking away at the side of the building, somewhere hard to get out of, they claim they are digging out the bugs in the telephone poles. Bugs is right, lots of bugs and buzzes in the system, like an early Black Sabbath song, my hippie friends hated them, but I loved getting stoned and listening to them, loud, real loud, and really, really like them. I was 14 and growing rapidly, fronting an attitude to 'burn baby burn' so bad I would make up shit that I figured oughta be and spread it around.

Now, we got nukes, little ones that don't spread out very far when they go off, we might and we might not...lies of immense proportions to keep us cool while they played yo-yo with our only hope, our planet.

Uncle Donald was easy money, ass kisser in chief, bent right over for the Russian Woodpecker to have a good shot right away, I wonder how much Vlad's current problems are co-indicted with his special friendship with Donald and his Documents.

Hillary would have been a much much different president, She was ready to rock and clean her rep up after her bullshit husband put the screws to her and us and his kid,, a purebred dog, I wonder if he stuck his drooling head out the window on the flights, good boy,  his plane rides with Epstein to the Island. Economic summits, just business. Bill's pet project, right down there in Haiti has, for at least since the sixties, been a fine close to the US spot to invade with 'aid", that dirty ol' Port Au Prince a vital US interest..we enjoyed 100%, co-operation with the royal family, the Aristedes, we still send US dignitaries to go inspect now and then.

Just over the hills, in the country that is working for a brutal dictator, Rush the the Radio Dog, with someone else's prescription for Viagra in his pocket, on probation and without permission to leave the country on drug charges the country aforementioned is championed in certain parts with a rep for young pliant boys and girls, if you got the inclination and the bread...he had a prescription to someone else., that good ol' boy Rush was a big fan, no kidding, he really did, feds caught and let him go.....

   Still, with all I know, I can and I do fall in, I can fall right to, that's right, HUBRIS....what a word for the end of the world. The major hubristic event, down we go again, how many were left after whatever it was that rose with the goo and slimy ooze of the primordial sea? What all did not get burned down by the big Mexican meteor that wasted the dinosaurs? Were all our beings being assembled and readied for delivery?

 We, humans, turning into meta morphotic mad dog killers from zip in five eons or so, was that the thought of something, some leviathanic unfathomable techno magic floater just passing by and noticing that the space credentials, if read right, were just perfect to get some shit started on that one, they come back later to see what happens with this one, maybe we just ride the cosmic wave that is still expanding into what? Where? Are we traveling while we expand?

. I know exactly what you are SUPPOSED to do, stay the fuck home until the roads are good. Big secret all New Englanders know, keep it down. Well, it's almost a secret like everything else the Yankees know and won't tell us about Boston and why they started the place. My friend George could have got out of prison in England by indenturing himself to some guy with money and an idea about the New World, hopping a freighter to New Amsterdam, and meeting the master of you for seven years, he paid your way and you are his, indentured and out of the smoke and blood of the old world, the old wrinkly world back there...

I got theories about that.

  Now, we got conflict, who's right...who's not...who cares...I'll kill you if you don't do what I want...We will fucking invade you... 

We better watch out for that fucking Hubris. Somebody better, no shit.