Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Temptation in Your Heart

                   An honest mistake and now
I gotta be dope sick for three days
Some of the shit I take for all the broken parts I have is the second sweetest shit in the world
Until you run out
I never ran out before I decided to play by the fucking DEA/AMA rules
I'll just take it until Thursday when the fuckin' doctors get me again

It really comes down to me, the system is every four hours when I'm awake
4 and 4 and 6 and 2, the first four is 400 mg Morphine Sulfate, used to be 8/8/8/6 but I'm droppin' down
The other shit is just squirrel food
Jess puts everything in these little compartmentalized plastic boxes,a compartment a day for me, I take it however I want.
Most people,I guess, wouldn't need to take so much
I ain't normal
So, who the fuck is.
If I'd stuck with Methadone it'd take days to feel sick
I never took that shit until I got hurt because of that Hitler fuck
Nazi pricks invented it, and that figures

 Of course I could go to town and score
But I might never get back

 When they got me into the hospital/trauma center three months ago
Well, it was the second hospital, the first one didn't do brain and spine injuries, 150mg morphine,no help
So, in an ambulance tied onto  a board so I wouldn't move they took me  to the man in Portland about 40 miles up the road
Motherfuckers surrounded me as soon as the gurney from the ambulance dropped me off, iv's and lights and they can't make it stop hurting like a motherfucker, they knew before I got there what and where it was at from the MRI in the first ER.

 They kept pumping morphine into me, made me itch like hell, and watching me and the heart monitor,blood pressure thing and asking me is that cool
 They were alarmed as the shit wasn't working so I got the neurosurgeon over by my mouth and said if they didn't stop with the morphine I was gonna get up and scratch, I was a serious dope fiend for years and years, get some fucking dilaudid and push it in until I smile.
He did it and that was that,for three days in there with all the tests and shit, no one gave me any shit whatsoever they came in all the time to see me and pumped shit into me like I used to pump it in when I dealt shit.

I had to make them stop finally, so I could go home, they said as long as the iv was in I had to stay.
"Thanks for everything,no shit, but I want to go home, stop now."

Everything has been fine until now because I fucked up the count.
Maybe they'll take me back for three days