Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Bombs of 2014,15,16,17 and beyond

   Some damn general, or some other ranked"pentagon official"speaking to us through the media,  relayed the information that airstrikes in Syria and adjoining areas will continue "for years".....
....also reports that the outlawed rebel militants are making millions a day by moving the oil they are the new and  proud proprietors of....
 ... the armaments available to the new oilmen are vast, seized as booty from fleeing armies they have met and quickly run off, or by armies that were not met but simply fled, fled before the rumors of the pirates approach became their actual arrival.

The rebel militants are bad motherfuckers. Way bad. Murderers of any and many.
They sound like the new edition of the Khmer Rouge, or their continuation.
Those guys, Khmer Rouge guys, killed anyone they met or even heard of that had so much as looked upon a non Cambodian. Their mission was to cleanse their country and then install a communist regime,Stalin Style not Gorbachev style.
 Was their goal to please one god or another? Were they playing 'Find The Prophet?'
 You bet they were.
 So is everyone else.
"for years"

Saturday, August 30, 2014

One Funny Dude

Usually, unless there's an article by Matt Taibbi inside I leave the Rolling Stone to Jess, we got a subscription and she likes it, so thats that. Maybe a cursory going over or through, that's about it for me though. The latest one has a good picture of Robin Williams on the front, that's it,with his name, Birthday, and Last day here.  Morks mug. Cool hat
He looks tired under it.

  I don't know if or for how long if he did live in The City, but we, we in this instance means everyone in the world that wanted to play or just lay around relaxing and enjoying themselves however, had a volleyball game every Sunday, I think every one, and I used to play for awhile if it was going on when I was walking by I'd play for awhile and then walk on into the great beyond of that magic strip of The City, out to the Tulips,in season, and the windmill, then across Ocean Blvd. to Ocean Beach. One of the many best parts of that walk was that after I got to the beach, I got to walk back through the park to Stanyan Street.
twice while we were whacking the ball at the net, Robin Williams ran , charged up jabbering and jumping up and around in circles and joined in.  5 minutes later the game stopped because everyone was laughing so hard and so much they became handicapped and helpless. Everyone got tagged,around the game, babys, dogs, anything alive there got it even the sqiurrels."Hey you hairy little branch hopping motherfuckers, we got ordinances about begging, get civilized"
"Oh, Jesus" ,he said to me, "Your poor mother, are you an only child, lets fucking pray you are for her and for the rest of our sakes too, how many people live in that hair with you, do they pay rent or just wake you up when your alarm clock fucks up?"
 then on to the next one, it was unreal. Maybe five minutes of utter hilarious fucking madness is how long it took him to tag us all, everyone.
   The next time he showed up he came foaming across the field, yelling "we've had it, I'm the ref, you will be doing exactly what I say for the rest of the game, now everyone,shirts off, just the girls, all you dudes can go now, lets go, get moving, we've got a schedule to keep here hubba hubba.."
     Then he tagged everyone again, "Sweet Jesus not you again, I thought that shit was fatal, there's a special hospital for specimens like you, I'll call an ambulance, maybe it's a medivac situation, did you already start killing dogs with a hammer? It's coming buddy, you poor bastard"
  He ran off back to the walkway and he was walking around with Michael Pritchard and Jane Dornacker, two more hilarious local comedians.

What the fuck do you say to a guy like that?
Rifleshot fast, unrehearsed off the top of his head, just unreal.

He did all kinds of good shit for everyone he could when he could.
He had enough though and decided to go, on his own terms, when he wanted to.
I ain't mad or sad. I'm glad he was here and I was too, at the same time.
So long, man.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Oregonian Saviors

     We got a new dog, Lily . Great dog, 9 years old. Black and big and the sweetest most well behaved dog I ever owned, no kidding, hands down. So we have a route we go on every morning, about 5:30 or later now the suns moving towards fall.
I make her wait until I see all the bats go in the attic, I won't miss it. They have a protocol,  only one can go in at a time so they all line up,not in a line we would be in, in  a bat line. They all swoop around and one at a time, never touching each other or anything else then
 all of a sudden one grabs on with it's bat toes and disappears in the crack there in the facia.
The fucking Air Force is lame next to these guys I'm telling you.
So anyway,we walk up behind the local high school,there's a big green football field which I keep her off of, imagine a dog that can learn to stay off the green grass for gods sake, but she does.
I played football and I can only imagine getting tackled, which is bad enough, and landing in dogshit.
She gets to piss on the goalposts, but only because others  went there before her and it's a powerful dog thing, pissing where the other dog did and I don't want to ruin her.
If you hit the goalpost, the dog piss isn't going to  matter, you'd have much bigger issues to handle than that

This morning there are a couple of kids, the big brother maybe 7 or 8 and his little sister about maybe 5, they like the dog, he's got a styrofoam airplane he's been working on and he asks me if I'll help.
"Well, yeah. Sure." He hands it over and since you can't miss this fucking thing around my neck right now he asks me looking the machinery over,
"Did the Ebolas get you?"
I been around kids, so I know better than to laugh, he's serious as a drowning surfer.
"What makes you think they got me"?, I ask him, being cagey.
"I heard my mom and dad talking that they're coming and will probably get almost everyone."
I took a minute then I told him "I heard on the news the governor got a deal they won't come to Oregon, so don't worry."
"Thats good, will you tell my sister?" I did that.
We got the plane up and me and Lily went home. We saved Oregon.
We did, we saved Oregon.
No charge,motherfuckers