Wednesday, August 20, 2014

   We got an old cat. I just gave her two buds of catnip, big white ones I grew in a basket thing hanging out of a tree so the local cat hustlers can't get it.
They can smell it though.
  It's cat torture,
The new dog checks the spot through the window all day
 has her giant brown eyes on the spot
 everywhere she ever saw a cat since we got her she still looks over, new ones every day go on the list for tomorrow
               Louise the cat was walking sideways on the bed with the shit in her mouth, drooling and cross eyed then collapsed and rolled off ,charged the dog, then ran out the cat hole in the screen door.
Into the wilds of Oregon
     You can grow all kinds of good shit up here, we got a garden full right now of lemon cucumbers and cherry tomatoes with an eggplant coming up fast.
 and flowers,
 two apple trees,no one can eat them all or even pick them all up, they're everywhere.
      I watch where I walk on the big side yard, you step on one and it's just like the three stooges roller skate bit, up you go.
there's lots of them out there, like land mines in Cambodia
Last year there were too many for my little brother to park his motorcycle out there. He couldn't put his feet down.
He was pissed off, yelled at me why I didn't pick the goddam things up
I don't have too, that's why
It's my yard
My brother in law is here, he's moving back from Brazil and he's coming here, buying a place close by, We'd be hurting more than we are already without him,
I would have had to go to a "managed care facility" until I could take the neck brace off, .
He holds my head still when I take  off the thing to shave

 my life is right there in his hands, he freezes and I stare into my own eyes in a little mirror.
   Don't move
turn just  a little to the left hurts like hell, just looking sidelong right with my eyes hurts just as much

  There is a 700 year old Douglas fir tree at the top of our driveway
The house was built in 1900, out of Doug Fir just like it, like you can't buy new anymore, someone has to tear an old house like ours down and recycle, in the basement there's beams and posts as big around as telephone poles, railroad ties
   Eight bats in the attic, I go out about now and watch them come out,one at a time, like they're being thrown out by a pitcher with a bad ass knuckleball
a neighbor told me about bats
they eat 3 or 5 times their weight in bugs on a good night night
       I go watch them come back in at dawn. They found a joint that seperated between the two long facia,at the peak, right where they're supposed to meet they dont
and that's the gate
there's a crack,  a slit about one and a half inches wide by 4 inches vertical
  The dog goes nuts in the morning, she moans at me, what the fuck are you waiting for lets fucking GO, but I like to see them go in.
Elegant little bastards
 I like it here.
I'm staying

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

              I see Kiev is still going up,burning barricades and gas clouds and enough guys for shifts to work really well, everyone on point.
It's not us, it's them. Don't worry,we're on it, we'll straighten this crew over here up right now then them then them then them, we got plenty of shit, everything will be OK after, don't sweat it.
Tanks, fucking tanks, firing on Americans in America, chasing motherfuckers up and down the street.
  People have fucking had it, what did you expect?  The Justice Department is on it so don't worry, they got it. But they won't let you out of prison if youre in there and didn't do it, they don't care
How many kids or people got killed by some idiot cop today? Sentenced for something they didn't do
They put cameras on some of them, attached to their necks like electronic jail bracelets I hope, I think this was in Palo Alto or somewhere close
Violent arrests went down by 68% and complaints against the movie stars went down like 40% too
  So, what the fuck, wire them up. The pentagon is outfitting them, they got a trillion, really, a trillion dollar budget so wire the fuckers up and keep the hand grenades.
Iraq ,Syria, hotbeds of religious men and they love to kill the wrong guys and show the world how to handle it. Join or die motherfuckers, and we mean it, watch this...
   New airstrikes, drones, missles
  The monster banks are taking property by way of payment from countries all over the world who don't have their money,, the money that means nothing,is backed by nothing you can touch, being traded for land, and land for what? Ask the world bank motherfuckers, that's them over there, getting blow jobs from the FBI...
    Fascism is back in vogue, ethnic cleansers get caught and don't care or stop.
        Evil, fucking nasty,ugly, flaming evil reigns over the unevil innocents, burns and blows their shit up no matter where they run.
      Right now. Right here.
  Since I'm a rock fan. Jessie turns
 off the news and gives me a good
solid book to dive into while my neck is in this goddam thing...for three months, so now
    I been reading about Geology.
       The Earths crust is about thirty miles thick. This is a world where you can go for a walk along a river and find something on the ground you can have that is maybe 2.5 billion years old, say up in Wyoming.
You can take your car across highway 212 and see rocks at one end of the road at the east sticking up out of the ground that are 3.3 billion years old. Get out and pick one up and drive down to Missouri and throw it through the window of a cop car.

   That fucking rock will always work, but the machine or the fuckers around it won't.
I swear, sometimes I think it's just about time to burn all vermin off the rock. Get started again, maybe  see what happens that time. Maybe no humans will pop up that time, probably be nice to get the dinosaurs back


Friday, August 15, 2014

       I broke my fucking neck.
             C1 AND C2 vertibrae which break and kill you right now if you get hung right.
I got a collar on for 3 months and I should heal right the fuck up.
         So, don't worry, I got 3 months in this collar and I can't work on the house.
At all.
 I have to get this computer set up so I can use it without too much discomfort.
   I am, after all, a delicate little man.