Friday, November 28, 2014

  I have had some serious shit on my mind.
Who was better,Ginger Baker, Keith Moon or John Bonham?
It's pretty apparent to me,although I'm not so set or down to not argue incessantly and my pick is Baker. I mean what the fuck, how does anyone develop that heavy a sense of time,  fucking brilliant,unbelievable.
I can keep the flame burning for Ritchie Hayward too.
Then you got jazz where you get to feel the only original art form from Amerika, unless rock and roll are art, may be art, used to be art, are art now instead of just great shit to dance and party with.
                It is completely unfair to hold rock drummers up to jazz drummers, the things are so different for each from the other.
I have been pretty fucking regressive in the music I been listening to but my kids turned me on to Slacker and its good to just let  it play one song, one band after the other, I been really pushing to get with the electronic mega rave music but I guess it's so primal you need to be tripping to catch on right and that's good, but it leaves me pretty much out of the cage there.
 I like the look of the parties they throw and the message is deep and elusive enough to me that I bet when I catch on, like I did with jazz finally, I'll be bopping and yelling right along.
Then we got......TA FUCKIN DA...,WHOOP ASS....YEE HAW
                   Legalized weed,that's right, legal. Starting,officially, July 1st here in the state I live in
 State taxes are , $35.00 an ounce for flowers and like,$25.00 for leaves,you can have four plants at home and 8 ounces in the house.
                 The federal dicksquaders aren't giving up, they still got it schedule 2, and what happens to the State of Oregon when it starts dealing weed? Lock up the Attorney General and the Governor and his wife and dog? Isn't this an act of sedition? Fucking Mutiny?
I hear it's good in Colorado and weird in Washington,where I have lived and can attest that serious weirdness exists and expands and contracts like a big hot air blimp all over the middle of the state.
When the New Washingtonians legalized the old muggles, semi hip next door neighbor Oregon was shamed into action,we voted it in.
Checking the chart in the Rolling Stone we got, very very little of anything us people want done or done for us is. Generally, the Boehner or another alien invader that worships him as leader of the murder cult,  just pushes it down, ignored mostly by all who must obey.
                                Mostly it is just fucking skipped in the houses and  offices,  our bill of rights lost in the squirming snakepit of parliamentary procedure,  the hogs with the fuzzy nuts relate their orders  to some one of the nasty little people who will let a two hundred pound Gibbon ass rape them on ESPN for money and trips in airplanes to,say, Haiti and the Dominican Republic where  American Businessmen,Congress members, and Senators cavort with other royal dignitaries. They are special little asswipes and pick up their  instructions showing them how  to claim an investigative special tour of Haiti for "Assisitance Evaluations"  A big favorite is the investigation of little girls and/or boys, children to have fun with in the hotel spa and and practice their babysitting moves on. That evil little pill popper Bush Limburger got caught on a return trip on the plane with someone elses Viagran Dick Pills right there in his pocket after a 10 day visit to Dominica, while on probation for a previous Oxycodone pill hunt he sent his housekeeper out on. Seems he has an affinity for good old narcotics.
I could go on and on, I have a lot more targets on my list,but,...
 I need to go turn all my twisted logic and some old wood and plastic sheeting into storm windows, just about right now.
 We had a polar vortex come three weeks ago and it stayed for two weeks.
I gotta seal the place up more