Thursday, October 23, 2014


I truly fear they will suck my son up into their madhouses of blood and explosions.
How about this one...."no boots on the ground." I can tell that we are all safe, because we're only using bombs and other select airborne messengers , all fired without one boot on the ground.
There are boots on boats and in airplanes but none on the ground.I am able to soothe the misery waves just by thinking, remembering, we are not walking around in the areas we are crushing.           A great accomplishment of technical horseshit.
The great man who is Americas president of us all has made up his mind and is firm in his resolve.
 Oh, wait a minute, maybe we will have just a couple of boots, maybe tennis shoes so they have "plausible denial"' ,on the ground, treading lightly, like Amerika and all her dragged along poor fucking allies always do. He's a fucking liar still he was from the beginning.
Permanent War.
How the fuck do things that think and reason, care and love do so much damage to each other
Oh yeah,god and/or country
I really miss heroin sometimes, like now.
Its a good thing I got a shitload of great music to keep me busy.