Wednesday, November 11, 2020

 They are on a hiring tear, every single conspired up deluded motherfucker still dangling around off  The Mighty Bone Spurs underwear is getting or going to get, a job. Make them give in. We're right and you're not

 "If I can't have it I'm going to wreck it."

True sedition, .attempting to set the world ablaze and piss off the pissoffables. If, and this is a pretty big if, Trumpers actually take to the streets,hills, woods and desert lowlands with some sort of beer gut rebellion using arms and declaring themselves freedom fighters, loaded up packing and shooting, the rabble will meet The First Division of the US Army. Maybe the 101st Airborne. This is what happens if you try to "take" us. By force.

That won't take long. It would be very bad. And the troops will hate having to do it. But, they will.

The Base versus  who? what? The citizens attempting decency and peace in their lives? 

The fucking commie rats who voted wrong? Who is the enemy? What do these yahoos want to do with us non yahoos? 

Pretty weird out here. Pretty weird.